Hi, I'm Andy. I'm a fitness writer.



I create awesome content for businesses in the fitness space.

My Writing is...

Shaped Through Experience

Nearly a decade of in-the-trenches experience as a personal trainer has taught me how to find practical solutions for the average person.

Backed By Knowledge

Having attained a Master's degree in Kinesiology, I'm able inject my writing with information that a jack of all trades writer can't.

Steeped In Passion

My deep love of fitness — and teaching others about it — knows no bounds, and it doesn't hesitate to seep into my writing.

What People Say

Your articles rock - thanks so much! I have faith that you will continue to write cool stuff, and also due to your fitness background, stuff that makes sense and is based on fitness/supplement knowledge.

Kim Supplements.co.nz

This article is freakin sweet – I love it!! This spells an overwhelming task into such an easy example for our beginner crowd – nice work. Thanks for your awesome work Andy, our visitors will love this.

Kris Bodybuilding.com

It was a real pleasure working with Andy. He understood the brief and exactly what we wanted and delivered quickly (well in advance of the agreed deadline).

Rachel MoreNiche Ltd.

Andy delivered a well-written piece and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was awesome, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong. Thank you!